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  1. Collagen Peptides Hair, Skin & Nail Support
    $79.99 Retail
    $63.95 W/S

    36 BV

    63 QV

    Collagen Peptides Hair, Skin & Nail Support delivers an exclusive combination of collagen types I & II, botanical antioxidants, and essential vitamins & minerals (including Biotin) that help support the health of hair, skin & nails. The unique type I fish collagen has been found to improve skin elasticity and may improve skin complexion. Plus, it combines skin supporting nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin B 12, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and a variety of antioxidants to support healthy aging.

  2. XeraFem™ Hormonal Support for Women
    $54.99 Retail
    $43.95 W/S

    32 BV

    43 QV

    XeraFem supplies all-natural, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, including grapeseed extract, that may help provide hormonal balance for women. Our natural approach may also protect against age-related immune deficiencies. XeraFem does not contain hormones.

2 Items